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Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain

Posted Dec 15th, 2022

Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain

Physiotherapy and massage therapy can help treat lower back pain for expectant and new moms. Our Stittsville physiotherapists explain how we can help alleviate low back pain and discomfort. 

Many people suffer from back pain today, especially women who are pregnant or who have recently delivered a baby. Left untreated, lower back pain may become debilitating, at a time when new moms most wish to be active and present in their baby's and family's lives, enjoying life as a new parent and not missing a minute of the action. 

Fortunately, physiotherapy can help with lower back pain. Our specially trained physiotherapists at our physiotherapy center in Stittsville can help alleviate lower back pain with a series of treatments and exercises. We'll discuss some of these in today's post. 

What causes low back pain for pregnant and new moms? 

During pregnancy or delivery, low back pain may become an issue for many women. Your body will undergo monumental hormonal changes throughout your pregnancy and after your baby has arrived. At the same time, you're gaining weight. Ligaments are becoming laxer and posture is shifting. 

Joints that were already working hard may be carrying additional strain and stress during second or subsequent pregnancies. If you've ever felt your joints protest under the weight of a toddler who's demanding attention while baby is kicking inside, you've experienced this feeling. 

As our body goes through these changes - and we demand more activity from our joints and other parts of the body - this can add up to more physical and mental stress, which often leads to chronic lower back pain. 

How can physiotherapy help post-partum low back pain?

Did you know that effective post-partum pain management can start while you are pregnant? Your physiotherapist can develop a training, exercise, and reconditioning or treatment program to help relieve lower back pain. Your reconditioning may include massage therapy. 

After your physiotherapist has assessed your specific needs, they'll be able to recommend safe, effective exercises, for both during your pregnancy and post-partum. 

Typically, your physiotherapist will take these steps to help you prepare for labour and delivery, and to treat postnatal back pain and other symptoms:

  • Complete a thorough evaluation to identify issues contributing to your pain or dysfunction
  • Educate expectant mothers on pain and pain management
  • Optimize balance and coordination 
  • Develop personalized, goal-oriented therapeutic exercise programs
  • Guide patients to perform exercises while keeping safety in mind 

Post-Delivery Reconditioning 

After you've given birth, physiotherapy, and specifically physical therapy for back pain, can play an important role in alleviating pain. One primary goal of reconditioning is to safely and progressively help your body return to its pre-pregnancy and/or delivery function. 

You and your physiotherapist can accomplish this by creating an active core strengthening program to help you recover the strength required to meet the many demands being a new mom will place on your body. This may include specific pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises for those experiencing back pain or pelvic dysfunction. 

Introducing proper posture and positioning may also be recommended. Additional treatments may include: 

Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy at Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Our registered physiotherapists can develop a custom treatment plan to treat, manage and heal your acute or chronic pain or injury. They work collaboratively with our registered massage therapists (who are trained in clinically proven massage therapy techniques) to provide comprehensive rehabilitation and encourage faster healing and maximal recovery from pain and injury.

Our physiotherapists and massage therapists can develop a treatment plan designed to help alleviate back pain.

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