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    1250 Stittsville Main St Unit C1-2, Stittsville, ON K2S 1S9 CA
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    Our team of physiotherapists and massage therapists provides a wide range of rehabilitative and preventive services to the Stittsville community.

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  • Physiotherapy in Stittsville

    Helping You Lead a More Active, Healthy Life. We work with patients of all ages and across a wide range of injuries and conditions to improve motion and movement.

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  • Prevention & Treatment

    Our team has experience in managing acute and chronic sports injuries in athletes of all levels from the weekend warrior to Olympic and World Class athletes.

    Sports Injury & Prevention

  • Dedicated Team

    We specialize in treating and healing musculoskeletal injuries and maximizing health and wellness, while preventing further injury and disease.

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At Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, our registered physiotherapists and massage therapists provide active, preventative, and rehabilitative services to Stittsville & Ottawa residents, visitors, and visiting athletes.

Whether you are suffering from an acute injury, a chronic degenerative condition, recovering from surgery, or would like to prevent injuries by maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, physiotherapy can help. 

Motion Works is committed to evidence-based, client-centered care, as we integrate the latest research findings and clinical skills into our treatment plans.

We focus on treating/healing musculoskeletal injuries and maximizing health and wellness while preventing further injury and disease. Treatment at Motion Works is provided in a welcoming modern environment where rehabilitation is regarded as a Wellness Experience, not just pain resolution. 

At Motion Works, we can help restore your mobility, strength, and function. Our treatment approach is ACTIVE because we know that MOTION WORKS!

Custom Orthotics

These medical devices are are made from precise impressions of your feet.

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Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Acupuncture and dry needling procedures help provide pain relief in acute and chronic conditions.

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A customized treatment plan is created to help you overcome pain and injury and improve your mobility.

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Our phyiotherapists are trained in the management and prevention of osteoporosis.

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Children's Services

We evaluate and manage conditions affecting children from infancy through adolescence.

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Concussion Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists offer concussion rehabilitation services to help you feel like yourself again.

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Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre is conveniently located in Stittsville, serving the greater Ottawa area.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 07:30 am - 08:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 07:00 am - 08:30 pm
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(613) 831-4054


1250 Stittsville Main St Unit C1-2, Stittsville, ON K2S 1S9 CA

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How Physiotherapy Helps in Accident Rehabilitation

How Physiotherapy Helps in Accident Rehabilitation

Posted Nov 15th, 2021

Each year in Canada there are 160 000 or more car accidents. These collisions can not only cost you in repairs, but come with serious health risks too. Even if you aren't seriously injured in an automobile accident, a small collision at speed can have long-lasting health consequences for you. Here, our Stittsville physiotherapists explain how physical therapy is able to help rehabilitate you after an accident, especially a car accident.

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COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation

COVID-19 Recovery and Rehabilitation

Posted Oct 31st, 2021

It's likely been difficult to think about anything but the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the last year and a half. This goes doubly if you contracted the disease. While there is still research being conducted on the long-term effects of COVID-19, there is also emerging research that shows physiotherapy may be able to assist with recovery from pulmonary infections such as COVID-19. Here, our Stittsville physical therapists explain how physiotherapy may be able to help in your recovery. 

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Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Massage Therapy for Stress Relief

Posted Oct 15th, 2021 in Conditions & Treatment, General, Health & Fitness

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of your soft tissues to loosen muscles, assist in recovery from injuries and to manage your stress levels. At our Stittsville physiotherapy center, we have registered massage therapists that are able to provide treatment to patients in order to treat a variety of issues, including high stress levels.  

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