Understanding Your Pelvic Health

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At Motion Works Stittsville, we offer specialized services and treatments for women's pelvic floor conditions – including prenatal and postpartum care.

THIS SERVICES ALSO AVAILABLE AT OUR SISTER LOCATIONS:  Orleans (Women, Men)  • Manotick (Women, Men, Children)

The Physiology of the Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor area includes muscles, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue under the uterus, bladder, and large intestine (bowel) area of your lower torso.

This area plays an important role in supporting the bladder, genitals, uterus and anus – and also helps with urine and bowel control. The pelvic floor also contains the muscles that contract during orgasm.

What Happens With the Pelvic Floor Becomes Weakened?

When the pelvic floor muscles become weakened, urine leakage and reduced control over the bowels can occur. This is why pelvic floor muscle training is so important. This is particularly important for women after childbirth.

Common Pelvic Health Conditions

At Motion Works Physiotherapy in Stittsville, our Pelvic physiotherapist provides assessment and treatment for a wide range of pelvic conditions.  » More

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

Our physiotherapists can help new mothers prevent and manage prenatal and postpartum hip, back and pelvis pain, as well as incontinence issues, with a variety of treatment options. 

Pelvic Health FAQs

Have questions about your treatment options? Wondering what to expect from pelvic physiotherapy? Read through our FAQs for answers to the questions we're asked most often!  » More

Pelvic Health At Motion Works

Although the pelvic floor plays such an important role in our health, many people feel uncomfortable admitting that they are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, and so it often goes untreated.

We want you to feel comfortable and at ease when talking about your pelvic health. There's no need to feel embarrassed – we're here to help!

We offer pelvic physiotherapy services in a relaxing, private treatment room, completely non-intimidating environment, and go to great lengths to ensure that each patient feels safe, comfortable and fully informed about her condition and related treatment.

Meet Cathy Cooney
– Pelvic Physiotherapist – 

Cathy Cooney, Pelvic Physiotherapist at Motion Works Physiotherapy, is specially trained to provide internal assessment and pelvic treatment services.

More About Cathy 

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