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Physical Therapy to Counteract a Sedentary Lifestyle

Posted Dec 30th, 2022

Physical Therapy to Counteract a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many of us spend our days sitting at a desk. Over time, this can take a toll on our body. Today, our Stittsville physiotherapists discuss how physiotherapy can help you break the habits and health effects that a sedentary lifestyle can have. 

The Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Out of necessity, humans were historically a very active species. To survive, we honed our physical fitness and routine relied on it to hunt and catch our every meal. 

However, the human race would eventually evolve, industrialization took effect, and we discovered methods of making life easier in all aspects, from working to eating, transportation, activities and hobbies.

As work consumed more of our lives and we began to mass-produce our food, physical activity began to fall lower on the priority list for many. And in the last couple of years, depending on your lifestyle and habits you may have cut the short walk to and from work every day in favour of working at home during COVID-19. 

Not getting enough physical activity and spending more time sitting can negatively impact our physical health. Since most people today spend much of their time sitting at a desk, then sit down to dinner before spending some time on their devices or watching TV, they're not burning off the same number of excess calories as they would had they been leading a more physically active lifestyle. 

When we step onto a scale or later become depressed, obese or are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, or a range of other health issues, the results of that become apparent. People who lead sedentary lifestyles also often notice the infrequent exercise has their joints and muscles becoming stiff. 

How Physiotherapy Can Help Improve Health 

Do you want to tackle physical inactivity and break habits that contribute to your sedentary lifestyle? Our Stittsville physiotherapists can help by creating a physiotherapy program designed to meet your needs. We'll discuss some measures we can take to help improve your health and get you back to safe, frequent physical activity. 

Reintroduce Physical Activity Gradually

If you'd like to lead a more active life but aren't sure where to start, our physiotherapists can offer practical help, education and advice. We work with patients of all ages, who live with a wide range of conditions and injuries, to improve movement and motion. 

We assess and restore movement and dysfunction, along with helping to prevent disease and injury. Part of our role is to improve mobility and quality of life by:

  • Developing a personalized, goal-oriented therapeutic exercise program 
  • Educating clients about injury prevention and management
  • Helping to reduce and manage pain 
  • Optimizing balance and coordination
  • Helping to increase strength and range of motion 

Perhaps you have pain or injuries to overcome before you can enjoy physical activity and working out again. Our physiotherapists can conduct a detailed individual assessment at our physiotherapy center to determine the cause of your pain or dysfunction, then develop an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve your specific goals. 

Practice New Habits & Routines as Part of Your Physiotherapy Program

While many people find it exciting to commit to new exercise routines, once the shine wears off, it can be difficult to stay motivated and on track with your physical therapy routine - especially if you're attending multiple times a week and are slowly but gradually progressing.

That's why it can be helpful to communicate openly with your physiotherapist about how to make sticking to those new habits and routines easier, including discussing your interests and building your nutritional and exercise programs around these (and making necessary tweaks as you gain experience) to increase your chances of success. 

For example, perhaps you're into walking in nature, so daily strolls would work well. Or, like many people you may carry stress in your back and shoulders, so your physiotherapist may recommend exercises you can do at your desk to prevent soreness and stiffness. 

No matter the finer details, your goal should be to feel fulfilled, tired and content at the end of each session. In addition, never hesitate to bring your questions or concerns to our team. We are here to help. 

Physiotherapy Services at MotionWorks Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Whether you'd like to prevent injuries by maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle or need to get back to physical activity, our physiotherapists at our Stittsville physiotherapy clinic can help you implement new habits and break old ones that have become entrenched as a result of living a sedentary lifestyle. 

Our physiotherapists and massage therapists can develop a treatment plan designed to help alleviate back pain.

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