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Desk Jobs, Body Aches & Sedentary Lifestyles: How Physiotherapy Can Help

Posted Feb 28th, 2023

Desk Jobs, Body Aches & Sedentary Lifestyles: How Physiotherapy Can Help

Do you work at a desk all day? You've probably felt your back grow stiff and experienced body aches due to stress, lack of movement or other causes. Our Stittsville physiotherapists discuss how physical therapy can help alleviate desk-related pains. 

How Work Can Cause Body Aches & Pains 

On average, we sit for 13 hours a day. You may be aware that some experts have opined that sitting has evolved into a new bad habit for most people. In fact, sitting has been dubbed "the new smoking". 

Our modern work world has led to many people not finding the time or being too exhausted for physical activity once they clock out, and our bodies are suffering; lack of movement can cause them to become stiff and sore. 

Even if you are committed to maintaining an active lifestyle outside of work, sitting at a desk with slouched posture or a non-ergonomic environment can cause chronic aches and pains or aggravate existing injuries. 

Some common symptoms may be related to poor posture. These include:

  • Shoulder pain 
  • Low back pain 
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain and stiffness 
  • Stiffness in the upper back 
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms or hands 
  • Sciatica  

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help you restore and maintain your mobility, function and overall well-being. A physiotherapist can help prevent injuries and assist with physical rehabilitation, along with helping you take a proactive role in your own recuperation and recovery. 

Rather than suggesting medication or surgery, a physiotherapist may recommend and perform massages or adjustments, or plan fitness activities or other methods of treating injury, illness or disease. 

While many people associate low back pain or sports-related injuries with the words 'physiotherapy' or 'physiotherapist', these are not the only issues they can treat. That said, these are well within the range of our capabilities. 

Our physiotherapists at Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre in Stittsville are trained health professionals. We can assess, manage and treat acute injuries in addition to chronic degenerative conditions, assist in recovery from surgical procedures and prevent injuries. 

How can physiotherapy help with low back pain and other symptoms?

The human body isn't meant to sit for long stretches of time. However, many of us work from the office or home so sit at our desks for most of the day by necessity. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate aches and joint pains that can occur due to sitting too much. 

There are a wide range of physiotherapy options available. At our physiotherapy center in Stittsville, we can create a treatment plan or regimen based on your needs, and the nature and severity of your pain that may be caused by stiffness in your joints or muscles. This may include the following:

  • Strength and conditioning assessment and training 
  • Education on managing and preventing injuries 
  • Developing a personalized, goal-oriented exercise regimen incorporating manual therapy techniques and neuromuscular reeducation 
  • Improving flexibility 
  • Increasing strength, range of motion and general fitness 

Seek the Advice of a Professional Physiotherapist at Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre in Stittsville

The daily grind of a desk job can wear on your mind and your body. Our physiotherapists and massage therapists in Stittsville are here to help you recuperate, recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing active, preventive and rehabilitative musculoskeletal care services. 

Physiotherapy can greatly improve your quality of life - and may even help you become more productive at work by alleviating body aches related to a sedentary lifestyle. 

If you are experiencing persistent body aches, also referred to as chronic pain, due to a work-related injury or accident, physical therapy is a great treatment option. Our physiotherapists in Stittsville are always happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Are you wondering how physiotherapy can help with work-related aches and pains? Our team of physiotherapists in Stittsville can create a custom program to help you heal. 

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