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How to Choose the Right Physiotherapist

Posted Nov 9th, 2016

How to Choose the Right Physiotherapist

Where is office located

As it is known/heard, location location location

It matters, especially if you will be attending more than 1-2 sessions per week

You will want it accessible, whether close to work, home, play

Do I like my PT

If you had to choose between PT you liked and one with lots of education/experience, it would be best to choose the more experience one.  But, you should have good rapport with your physiotherapist.  The good news is you can find and have both!

Physiotherapists are quite knowledgable about medical conditions and physiotherapy treatment of those conditions, however some have more experience/training in specific areas depending on the ‘tools’ in their toolbox (acupuncture, concussion, jaw, feet, etc)

Try to locate a phystioehrapist that you are comfortable with.  After all you will be spending a lot of time togheter working toward your goals and health improvement.

How long does a physiotherapy session last?

Depending on the condition being treated, and the ‘tools’ being used to help with your treatment plan, a typical session may last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  After the initial consultation, your physiotherapist will be able to identify how often you need treatment,

and how long you can expect to be in the clinic for.

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