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Can I get a massage if I have a sunburn?

Posted Jul 15th, 2019 in Summer Sports Injuries, Conditions & Treatment

Unfortunately, massage therapy is not a good idea if you have a fresh or peeling sunburn – a massage too soon after a sunburn can be a risk for further damage. 

Why not massage over a sunburn?

The answer is simple: massaging over a fresh sunburn or peeling sunburn can cause even more damage.

As the skin is trying to heal by developing new tissue, it is vulnerable. The friction of massaging or rubbing sunburned skinned breaks the newly developed tissue.

This can cause more harm by causing infection, or additional damage to the cells that are regenerating, making for a longer healing time.

How long do I have to wait after a sunburn?

We suggest you wait until your skin is completely healed before you have a massage. We want to give you the best treatment and care possible!

If you love your massages, be cautious in the sun!

At MotionWorks Physio, we believe massage therapy is 'good for the soul' as well as the body. So, we caution you to take care in the sun, so you can book your regular massages. Remember, even if it is cloudy outside, almost 80% of UV rays can still reach our skin.

Wondering If Your Skin Is Ready for a Massage?

Give us a call and one of the massage therapists at our Stittsville centre can help you decide if your sunburned skin is healed enough for a massage.

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