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Can a physiotherapist help with my kids athletics, like hockey or soccer?

Posted Dec 15th, 2019 in Winter Sports Injuries, Summer Sports Injuries, Children

Working with a physiotherapist can help support young athletes to perform their best and minimize injury during the hockey or soccer season.

How do soccer and hockey impact growing bodies?

There is a natural strain that occurs on muscles and bones as children grow. When you layer on training for an intense sport like soccer or hockey, that strain can increase and lead to injury.

Both soccer and hockey are explosive sports. They require quick changes in acceleration, deceleration and direction, all of which can  be hard on growing bodies.

Fitness, agility, core stability and overall strength are keys to being successful in either hockey or soccer – and being proactive in developing these attributes safely makes sense.

How can a physiotherapist help?

Our physiotherapists are well trained in assessing mechanics of movement. We help young athletes train their bodies and brains in proper movement strategies to improve their games and help prevent injuries.

We work with proven methodologies to help athletes and their soccer or hockey teams achieve optimal performance and better overall health.

We look at each young athlete individually, to create a program customized to their body and their sport, with elements that can include:

  • Movement training (for the specific sport)
  • Strength building
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Range of motion

We offer a customized approach to improving performance.

Our physiotherapy team – who has diverse sport related experience including individual and team training with sports metrics training for prevention of ACL injuries – can help your young hockey or soccer player develop the core attributes he or she needs to be successful (and safe!) playing their sport.

Sports Success. Safely. Sherri can help!

Bring your young athlete in for an appointment with Sherri to plan a program to help them develop their bodies for hockey or soccer success... and train them to prevent injury.

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